Jeanie Auseon

I’ve been fortunate to have made art in one-way or another throughout my life. As an Art Educator and Fine Arts Curriculum Coordinator for two decades, I considered teaching and advocating for K-12 visual and performing arts programs in public education to be my art forms. In retirement, I’ve come “home” to making my personal art. Art-making challenges me to stretch my boundaries, and to continue learning. The endless processes and techniques involved in art-making bring a sense of wonder and genuine accomplishment.
My art is not so much “idea driven” as it is “process driven”. I thrive when experimenting with various forms of 2-D mixed media. Painting with acrylic paints on paper, canvas, wood and mylar; painting with cold wax and oil paints on paper and wood panels; printmaking; and collage are my current media. For several years I worked with permanent dyes on silk and canvas surfaces. During those years my work evolved from literal to multi-layered abstract images. I seek to communicate universal themes or personal reflections in artistic ways. I share a production studio with three other visual artists: “Upstairs Artists Studio” is located in downtown Worthington, OH. My home studio is named “Delete Studio” after my parents, Dean and Arlene Coy – forever in my heart and art.

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